Another call for virtual speakers? Why?

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2020 is a virtual “Murphy’s Law” of years: if it could go wrong, it has. The #TrailblazerCommunity thrives on the support and encouragement from Dreamin’ events scattered across the world. So, we thought let’s just gather virtually! Murphy’s Law: virtual (and very real) fatigue. So why would you want to answer the call to be a virtual speaker for yet another virtual conference? Three big reasons:

  1. UMSC is not your garden variety virtual conference. The UMSC team has heard the feedback on virtual conferences; we’re “zoom fatigued” beyond endurance. This conference is all about interaction, whether you are a speaker or attendee. There aren’t 1,000 attendee rooms with chats flying by so fast they make you dizzy. The entire attendance is limited to 400 people to maximize the personal interaction. We are not recording the presentations, so everyone can invest in the moment. This is a virtual speaking opportunity like no other.
  2. Lizz Hellinga (Montage Learning) and Sarah Risen-Robertson (Montage Learning) will collaborate with each presenter selected to ensure that their content has significant audience engagement to elevate the experience and connection in this virtual event. Where else will you have the opportunity to skill up for the virtual presentation world?
  3. This is going to be so much fun! Not only can you speak interactively, you can just hang out in the hallway and have one on one accidental conversations. But only if you’re there.

The deadline is Saturday, 19 September 2020, at midnight Central US time. Submit an abstract today!

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