Name Change

photo of teepee on a starry sky

So….we launched this site and immediately we received feedback on the name. The original name was not well received and we immediately set out to solve this problem.

When we got together to create something new, it was out of frustration from not having the luxury of embracing old friends and meeting new ones. 

How do you put a name on such a great feeling? How does one wrap a million pictures, emotions and concepts into words? Unimaginable, extraordinary, unexplainable, more than friend, more than family or spiritual connection?

None of these words truly encapsulate the sense one feels when you have joined together in a community of awesome. 

It started as a placeholder until we could determine some great name to call this event, but the name became a hindsight as we delved into all the reasons we attend conferences as well as what we were missing from virtual conferences this year. We could not decide on a name, but we knew the concept must have a fun summer camp feel. 

To those who are offended by the name please know that we never set out to insult, demean, besmirch or offend anybody.

This conference was built out of nothing, but love and positive intent; thus, we are committed to accountability when we hear feedback on something we have spent months of precious spare time working together to build. 

We gathered together to fix it ASAP and came up with Uniting Minds. We are minds that united together to build a different model of an online conference to bring together others.

Keep an eye out for what’s to come next!

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